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Thank you to the Arizona Zone Host Committee (pictured left) for a job well done! Shirley Holle (pictured center at left podium) presided over the daily business meetings as LWML English District President.  Katie Pece (pictured right), YWR from the Greater Chicago Zone, was a glow after attending the Sunday Sunrise Service in the Sonoran Desert. All attendees left renewed and ready to REJOICE...BLOOM...AND SHOUT FOR JOY! If you were unable to attend the convention, you can click on the links below to enjoy select video highlights. An in-depth summary of the convention will be in the next issue of ACCENT so you can read all about it!

LWML "Mrs. Rogers" National Convention Invitational Skit for 2013:



Greater Chicago Zone LWML English District Convention Invitational Skit for 2014:


LWML English District Convention Sing Along with Cowboy Doug "You Are My Sunshine":


LWML English District Convention Sunrise Worship at Sonora National Park:




The recently revised LWML English District Bylaws are now available for downloading. Simply click here or on the Bylaws link on the top or bottom of any website page.  



Pat Gilde, VP Christian Life/Human Care, made a video and uploaded it on YouTube.com. It is a wonderful promotion of LWML including important contact information and an overview of the district and national web sites. Click here to view it.



And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds....
let us encourage one another.
Hebrews 10:24, 25

The LWML English District has two Mission-Ministry Vision consultants available to assist your society or zone. MMV consultants are professionally trained to guide, support, and provide resources to women for Christ-centered decision making and implementing processes. Consultants also help women in creating and enhancing sensitive, relevant, and appealing mission outreach in their communities. Our MMV consultants can:

  • clarify your purpose
  • generate increased enthusiasm
  • explore possible organizational structures for your group
  • define and develop local leaders
  • provide resources for planning effective and spiritually motivated programs
  • supply guidance in engaging more women in meaningful ministry
  • reveal ways to create interest for young women's involvement
  • offer direction when you are facing change and/or new opportunities
  • sharpen your focus in strategically planning for the future

Are you interested in learning more about how an MMV consultant can help revitalize or expand your LWML? Then contact one of them today....

Deaconess Sylvia Johnson, MMV Consultant
5222 S. Menard Drive
New Berlin, WI 53151
Marilyn McClure, MMV Consultant
2012 E. Monte Vista
Tucson, AZ 85719



Instead of "Googling" the next time you need a search engine, go to "GoodSearch" at http://www.goodsearch.com. Under the question "Who do you Goodsearch for?”, type "LWML" in the box and hit "verify". The words "Lutheran Women's Missionary League--LWML--National (St. Louis, MO)" will appear. Then go up to the search box and type in whatever information you need. The next time you go to the site, LWML will automatically appear as your charity of choice. Each time a search is initiated, an estimated 1 cent is given to LWML. This sounds like a small amount, but multiple searches by many people add up. For example, if 1,000 women searched twice a day, LWML could possibly raise $7,000 a year. Much like mites add up to produce significant results, so can GoodSearch generate money for missions. Since its inception, GoodSearchers have raised approximately $5,000 for LWML mission grants. It's even possible to add GoodSearch to your Internet browser's toolbar. Follow directions on the site to install. Tell your friends and happy searching.




My desire is that the LWML English District will be a place where you will grow in your love for God and His Word…a place where you can serve Christ and make new friendships…a place where you will feel at home. I invite you to bring your energy, your ideas and your friends and help us interweave our lives in faith and commitment. (Revised statement from the Ascension WinGS mission statement.)

We are to be Lutheran Women in Mission in the Word. We grow in our love for God by being in His Word daily and by having a passion for Christ in our lives. It is amazing how reading the Bible can change your thought patterns and give you something new about which to think. It is the living Word of God - not just a history book.

We are to be Lutheran Women in Mission of the Word. We are to be serving Christ. We can do this through our mites that go around the world to spread the news of God. That is the easy way. The way that challenges us is to be personally involved with people. We need to look at projects within our communities, our church, and the English District that need our attention where we can share the love of God.

We are to be Lutheran Women in Mission Walking with the Lord. As you walk with the Lord, share this joy with your friends and encourage each of them in their walk. Our lives are not to be lived in a vacuum, but in relationships with others. We are here to offer hope - hope for today and tomorrow and eternally. You have Beautiful Feet for the Journey.

Come join with us - bring your energy and ideas to serve the Lord with gladness.

Shirley Holle

LWML English District President



Zones are asked to remit mite money to the treasurer once every quarter at a minimum. In other words, mites can be sent in more often if your societies are meeting monthly and sending you mites more frequently. Also, any special collections from LWML Sunday or Mission Sundays can be forwarded at any time along with gifts to the leadership fund or for memorials. Letters for Lutheran Woman's Quarterly and ACCENT subscriptions will be mailed in January 2013 with orders and payment due March 15th.



Zones and societies are asked to send updated contact information whenever changes occur. This helps to insure that district mailings are routed to the correct individual and disseminated at the local level in a timely fashion. If you receive a mailing in error, please forward the envelope to the correct person and notify the secretary of her name and address. Also, remember that mite boxes are available from the secretary, not the treasurer.



Did you ever wonder why we have bylaws? The internal rules of the LWML English District are embodied in the bylaws. Bylaws are drafted by a committee at the beginning of an organization's existence. The committee needs to take great care with the language and to be realistic in forseeing changes in the organization as it continues. After the committee has completed its work, it reports to the assembly; and the assembly, after debate and possible amendment, adopts the bylaws by a main motion. The bylaws should not contain trivial matters or temporary provisions; they are meant to provide the most basic regulations, understandable by the typical member, and important enough that they will not need to be changed often. It is the practice of the LWML English District to review its bylaws each biennium and to make sure they reflect changes made at the national level of the organization. Click here to read or download our current bylaws.



The Christian Life Committee is here to assist in helping you find time for personal devotion. God promises that time spent daily in His Word will sustain, encourage and nuture our faith. We often allow our schedules to interfere with our treasured time with the Lord and struggle to make our quiet time with God a high priority. Let us remember that as LutheranWomen in Mission we are to be IN THE WORD (honoring a daily appointment with the Father and His Word), OF THE WORD (made over by the Holy Spirit, forgiven and restored), and WALKING WITH THE LORD (totally confident of Christ's presence in serving and living). The LWML is now offering a new option for personal devotions through a free web-based subscription. Read about it here.

 The purpose of the Human Care Committee is to sensitize women toward those who are hurting or in need and enable them to compassionately reach out with knowledgeable, Biblical and hands-on caring assistance and comfort. For self, human care includes healthy lifestyle choices for the body, lifelong learning for the mind, and meditation and prayer for the spirit. For others, human care translates into an awareness of need, personal involvement, and servant opportunities.

The Human Care Committee has three basic responsibilities:

  • to keep a record of missionaries of the English District and to befriend them and other missionaries supported by the Lutheran Women in Mission of our district.
  • to advise Lutheran Women in Mission throughout the district of possible human care projects.
  • to assist with an in-gathering at the Biennial Convention.

Do not hesitate to contact Pat Gilde at patqlt@verizon.net if you have any needs or ideas for human care activities, including how to support our missionaries and their families. Also, please forward the ministry description and contact information of any missionaries being supported by your LWML or congregation with whom we might communicate. HUMAN CARE IS GOD IN ACTION THROUGH YOU!



As of March 21, 2012, all six mission grants for the 2010-2012 biennium have been paid...Praise the Lord! Visit the Mission Grants page of this web site to read about the six grants now being supported during the 2012-2014 biennium.

And it is not too early to submit mission grant proposals for the 2014-2016 biennium should you become aware of a worthwhile ministry that could use support. Click here for Guidelines on Writing Mission Grant Proposals along with a sample resolution. You can dowload the required Cover Letter here. Include six (6) copies of each grant proposal submitted. All proposals should be sent to Jennifer Peterman , Vice President of Gospel Outreach, 4881 Fuller Ave SE, Wyoming MI 49509 no later than May 15, 2013. If you need help with or have questions about your proposal, contact Jennifer Peterman at 616-538-3889 or RJsPlow@aol.com.

Please remember that our work is not over when we have reached our LWML English Distict mission goal. Our mission support is an ongoing process which begins in our societies, continues through the Zone and District, and culminates at the national level. At the 34th Biennial LWML Convention held in Peoria, Illinois in June 2011, a mite goal of $1,825,000 was set for the 2011-2013 biennium. For updates on the national LWML mission grants go to http://www.lwml.org/missions/mission-grants.php for the latest mite flyer with suggestions on how to meet the goal of starting strong to finish strong.



Are you a mature young woman between the ages of 22 and 35? If you answered yes, then consider applying to be a YWR at an upcoming district or national LWML convention. Is there someone you wish to encourage to be a YWR? Then Click Here to download an application form. Are you uncertain regarding the selection guidelines? Then click here. If you have questions regarding any aspect of the YWR Program at any time, please contact Leigh Ann Bozung, Young Women Committee Chair, at 574-302-2111 or gabordor@gmail.com. The deadline for YWR Applications for the 35th Biennial LWML Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 27-30, 2013 is December 31, 2012.



How many of us have grown to adulthood believing we are not intelligent, experienced, or wise enough to give our opinion and share our insight? We passively wait for leaders to solve every problem. Be aware that each of us has something to offer--a personal wisdom different from anyone else's. And we can never know what influence we might have unless we speak up in the spirit of Christian love. May God give you the courage to share what He has revealed to you. We have many leadership opportunities in the LWML English District and we encourage you to prayerfully consider serving as an officer or on a committee. Nominations for the LWML English District positions of President, Treasurer,Vice President Gospel Outreach, and the Nominating Committee are needed. The job descriptions for these positions are found on pages 4-7 of the by-laws which you can access by clicking here. Please prayerfully consider this request and discern if God is calling you to serve or someone who might nominate. Details regarding nominations can be found here. Click here to download the nomination form which is due to Nominating Committee Chair Sarah Reinstadtler at 2771 Locust Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15241 or srein8@verizon.net by December 1, 2013. Questions? Contact Sarah at 724-941-4789 or srein8@verizon.net . God does equip those He calls! Here I am Lord...Is it I, Lord?..I have heard you calling in the night...I will go, Lord, if you lead me...I will hold your people in my heart.



Each zone and society in the LWML English District is responsible for sending delegates to its biennial convention which is held in even-numbered years. Your zone sends one delegate and your society is entitled to send two delegates. The district has an Equalization Fund that helps pay transportation expenses for delegates. The equalization fee is $200 per delegate. When your zone and society pay the $200 equalization fee per delegate, the delegate's transportation expense or a portion thereof is reimbursed from the Equalization Fund. This includes those who travel by car, plane, bus, or train. Those who live close to the convention site and have minimal transportation expenses need to pay the $200, per delegate, to help defer the cost of those far away. That's what makes it EQUAL!

Your delegates are the voice of your society. We understand that travel costs are rising all the time and can possibly deter representation from some societies. Equalization can help change that--the more who participate in equalization, the more in attendance. And for a district that is non-geographic, this approach is fair and smart! However, we must ALL participate for the Equalization Fund to work properly. Plan now to raise money for equalization for your society and then mail it to Elsiena Velazquez, 2121 South Pantano Road #326, Tucson, AZ 85710 by April 1, 2014.

Click here to download the information and remittance form. Questions? Contact Equalization Chair, Elsiena Velazquez at 520-731-9475 or elsienavelazquez@juno.com.



Our newsletter, ACCENT on Lutheran Women's Missionary League - English District, is published three times a year. Societies and zones are encouraged to send current news and photos. Submission deadlines are October1st, February 1st, and June 1st. The mailing will occur one month later. Annual subscriptions are $3.00. ACCENT can also be received via e-mail . You may read it online or download it by clicking on the ACCENT link. The editor is Cherie Voorhees, 1305 Lower Ferry Road, Trenton, NJ 08618. Contributions may also be faxed to 609-896-0341 or sent as an attachment to voorhees@rider.edu



Christians have public relations as a matter of fact and principle. The ties that bind believers to Christ connect them to one another. If we view Christian public relations as lifting up the church that is the body of Christ in the world then it cannot be viewed as an option. The Great Commission commands us to proclaim the Gospel. The perception of our church and its organization, including the LWML, provides a critical foundation for all outreach and evangelistic efforts. The question is not whether to have a program of public relations, but how to best conduct it. The overriding concern is for an insistence that God's love and saving purposes always be communicated through our words and actions. If we focus on Proclaiming the Redeemer, we may be sure that LWML and the church-at-large grow with a growth that is from God. This is a growth that will give God glory, insure that grace reaches more individuals, and causes thanksgiving to overflow. Do you have PR ideas or concerns? Then contact the Vice President of Organizational Resources, Stacie Garland, at thegarlandfamily@yahoo.com who oversees public relations for our district.



Your feedback regarding our web site is most appreciated, including notification of typos! Web sites are works in progress just like us...PBPWMGIFWMY...please be patient with me, God isn't finished with me yet! Your Webservant, Sara Franklin, at faithlwml@yahoo.com looks forward to receiving your comments and contributions for the Zone News & Views page. Click here to download instructions on how to submit information. May all our public relations be they our interactions with people or our website glorify God!




December 1, 2013 District Officer Nominations due

December 31, 2013 YWR Applications to LWML English District Convention due

March 15, 2014 Quarterly and ACCENT Subscription Payments due

April 1, 2014 Equalization Payments due


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